'Something Special'

Something Special-One Shot #168


“Oi, Tomlinson, hand’s off my wife,” Harry chided with a teasing grin, plopping down on the couch next to you after handing Louis his mug of tea. Louis wrapped his slight hands around the base of the mug, bringing the milk laced liquid to his lips for a long and satisfying pull, letting it lap at his lips. He gave Harry’s shoulder a friendly thump, narrowing his eyes a little, before setting the mug on the coffee table and continuing to move his hands over the swell that housed the two little boys crammed for space.

You hadn’t thought it was possible to get this big, that your skin wouldn’t be able to stretch that far. You’d worried about making it to full term, a rarity with twins, and even more so with the added strain of taking care of a four year old, but your boys seemed quite content and rather cozy where they were. There had been a sigh of relief from both you and Harry alike when thirty-six weeks had come and gone, a pleasant surprise when you dashed through thirty-seven, but now, halfway through your thirty-eighth week, with no sign that the boys were well on their way to moving out, you were fed up. You couldn’t remember the what it felt like to sleep comfortably, everything incased by your torso, shoved upwards, making breathing a task unlike anything before, and if one wasn’t busy with sending your lungs to your throat, the other was giving your bladder a cuddle. You’d made the two in the morning shuffle to the master bathroom more times than you could count. The thing was, you loved it. Even when it got to this point, where you wanted to lie down and sleep until they decided to come, even through the not being able to eat because your stomach was compressed, and there was simply, no more room for anything else. Through the achy muscles, that to your advantage, earned you a warm-fingered massage from Harry. Despite all of that, there was nothing you loved more, then knowing the two tiny lives taking refuge under your heart, were safe and warm and loved and protected. You weren’t sure you were ready for them to join the unpredictable world, where you couldn’t be sure, things wouldn’t get to them. You were terrified, with Darcy alike, when the time came to let them go out on their own. Away from the protective hand to hold, or watchful pair of eyes you provided. Harry especially, was quietly dreading their first day of school. Having to let go of their tiny hands and watch them clomp into the unfamiliar, away from his encompassing hug if they got scared. He was more terrified than they would be.         

But with the twins’ delivery eminent, you decided to have the boys come around for dinner before things got especially busy again, the idea of two newborns, sounding a little daunting, but only if you said it out loud. And now, scattered and lounging in the family room, nursing cups of tea and grazing on some dark chocolate dipped shortbread Eleanor had sent along, Louis had assured you that all these boys needed was a firm coaxing, and that he was confident he could get your labor to start.

“I don’t know,” you breathed, slouching down against the couch, letting Harry wrap a strong arm around you, and you felt him lean in to steal a kiss on your temple. “I mean, we’ve explained it to Darcy, what’s going to be happening, and I think she’s excited, curious more than anything I think, but she seems hesitant. Like we’re going to forget about her.” You took a gentle sip from your mug of mint tea, propping your swollen ankles up on the coffee table. Louis wordlessly handed you the platter of cookies, beckoning for you to have a handful. “Thanks,” you mumbled, before shoving one into the pocket of your cheek in one quick motion. Harry gawked at the expanded contents of your cheek, but didn’t dare say anything.

Harry had been the target of your fraying nerves and easily swayed moods in the last few weeks and this often left you feeling guilty. You’d find yourself overwhelmed with desire, unable to stop touching him, finding every possible way, to be pressed against him, even with moving becoming increasingly difficult. You couldn’t get your lips grazing over his skin fast enough, breathing him in, his touches gentle and soothing. Then it would turn to not wanting him anywhere near you. Squirming away from kisses as you laid together in bed, his hands would find your back, wanting to offer some form of gentle relief, from the overworked and tight muscles, but you would snap and tell him to go sleep in the guest room, that you were tired of his legs brushing against yours, and that he made you unbearably hot, and you were uncomfortable enough as it is. But you didn’t mean it, you never did. There would be a brief flash of hurt coursing through his eyes before he relented and with a heavy groan, would traipse out of bed, down the hall to the guestroom. Only before you would appear in the doorway just as he got settled, big tears rolling off your cheeks as you begged him to come back to bed, and told him that you were sorry, that you hadn’t meant it. But like you, he knew you never meant it anyway. Your body was busy growing your babies, and that would always be enough for him. He’d never be able to tell you enough how grateful he was for that.

“She’ll be fine,” Louis promised, looking up at you. “She’s probably just unsure of the whole thing is all. She’ll come around.”

“We wouldn’t know,” Liam piped, from where he and Niall were sat lounging languidly on the couch opposite you. He gestured between him and Niall. “We’re, um, the babies.”

Niall chuckled gruffly. “Yeah.”

“Tommo over here, he’s done it three times,” Liam said. “Zayn’s done it twice.”

“Old pros,” Louis muttered, with a satisfied head nod and offering Zayn a fist bump. “Do you hear that, lads?” Louis said, leaning in close to your belly and spacing out each word. He placed his hands on either side of your expanded waist. “You’ve been in there long enough. Come on; give your mummy a rest now. We all know your father can’t play football for anything, so someone has to teach you.”

Harry rolled his eyes, kissing your temple again, as you popped another cookie in your mouth, feeling Harry’s lips brush against your collarbone.

“Don’t worry, my love. It might help for her to see the babies, once they’re here. No more worries, yeah?” He rubbed his hand down your arm lightly.

You made a noncommittal sound, dropping your head to his shoulder.   

You could hear the sound of tiny, bare feet padding against the hardwood, and all six heads turned to see the very groggy Darcy appear in the living room entrance, hair stuck up and mussed from sleep, pajamas wrinkled. She yawned hugely, making a squeaking sound rise from her throat.

“Well, hello, little miss,” Louis cooed, holding out his arms, as Darcy shuffled forward, knuckling her eyes, as she shuffled over to him. “Come give Uncle Lou, a cuddle, yeah?” He lifted her up onto his lap, letting her snuggle back into his chest. He dropped a chaste kiss to the top of her head. “Are you excited to see your little brothers soon?” He pointed to your belly, and she shook her head drowsily. Louis frowned. “No?” he mumbled. “Why not, my love?”

Her tiny lips trembled and she knuckled furiously at her eyes. “I’m the baby,” she mumbled. “Mummy and Daddy won’t love me the same.”

You felt your heart seize in your chest, the tears threatening already to spill. That was exactly what you didn’t want to happen. You never wanted her to feel replaced by her brothers. You and Harry both had agreed that you didn’t want her to be lonely.

Louis cooed, rocking her a little in his lap. “Now, I know that’s not true. Mummies and daddies are given extra love. Did you know that?”

Darcy raised her head from his chest a little, staring up at her uncle curiously.

Louis nodded, glancing over at you and Harry who nodded in encouragement.

“It’s true,” Louis continued. “When someone becomes a mummy or a daddy they get extra love to give to all the little babies that they have.”

“Where do they get it?” Darcy lisped.

Louis froze, face going blank. “Erm, well, no one really knows. It just sort of happens.”

The rest of the boys chuckled lightly.

“Uncle Louis has four little sisters,” Niall added, sitting up from the couch a little.

Louis nodded, as Darcy looked up to meet his reaffirming gaze. “I do. I remember when I became a big brother when my sister Lottie was born. I remember my mum and dad leaving really late at night, and I woke up to hide at the top of the stairs to watch them leave, because I was really excited for my sister to come and my nana came over, and slept in our lounge. And I remember walking to school with my nana in the morning and being so excited the whole day. My mummy used to help babies come out, so I was really excited that we were going to get to have a baby that we could keep.” He paused to see her watching him intently.

“Then what?” she asked, beckoning him on.

He smiled, resting his cheek on the top of her head, in her baby shampoo scented hair. “And then, after school was all done, my nana came and said that my sister was here, and we drove a long ways to the hospital where my mum worked. And a lady in blue dress uniform took us to see my mum in her room. And when we got their, I remember I was so happy to see her, and she smiled, and I climbed up onto her bed, and sat next to her, and uh, she kissed my forehead, and then I saw Lottie for the first time.” Louis paused, eyes far away. “And I remember she was so little, like a doll. And she was all pink and a little wrinkly, and funny looking, all squishy.”

“Are Judey and Finny gonna look like that?” Darcy interrupted.

Louis pursed his lips, nodding. “Probably a little. But not forever,” he promised.

“But she had really blue eyes, and I looked at her, and my mum told me to let her take my finger, so I held one out to her, and she held on really tight. And I knew I would love her forever. Mu mum told me that big brothers or sisters are special, that having a baby brother or sister is like getting a friend for ever and ever.”

Niall chuckled. “Aw, Tommo! You’re getting misty eyed!”

Louis grumbled, swiping at his suddenly wet eyes. “Am not!”

“And your mummy and daddy loved you lots?” Darcy asked, squirming around in his lap, so she was facing him and leaning in close to his face.

Louis nodded. “So much. I helped my mum with giving her a bottle and I got to hold her, and give her lots of kisses. And when she was a little bit older, I was the only one who could make her stop crying. She would wake up from a nap, all sad, and my mummy or daddy couldn’t get her to stop, so I would make a funny face to get her to be happy again.”

Louis screwed up his face in a goofy expression, making Darcy giggle.

“See? Just like that.” Louis kissed her cheek.

Zayn chimed in. “When I became a big brother, I remember I remember I really wanted a little brother, because I already had a sister so when my sister was born, I was really sad, and I told my mum to take her back.”

Darcy’s eyes widened. “You did?”

Zayn chuckled. “Yeah. But then, I remember the day she came home from the hospital, and I got to hold her for the very first time, and my mum sat next to me, and showed me how to hold her, and she started to cry, so I sang to her and she stopped really quick. So my mum called me her little magic trick, because all I had to do was sing to her, to get to her stop crying, and she told me that the baby loved me already. And my sister who’s a little older than me, was always mad because I was the only one who could do that, and I felt really proud.”

Darcy smiled. “Are Jude and Finn…Are they gonna love me too?” she pointed to her chest.

Harry smiled over at you, as you watched them interact.

“Your brothers have always loved you, darling,” Louis promised. “They need you. Being a big sister is a really special job, but it’s okay, because I know you can do it.”

Stories were exchanged until Darcy’s eyes grew heavy again, and even though Louis snuck her a cookie, she fell asleep with chocolate-coated lips, against his chest.

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